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Further Surveys

Social health insurance reform

Tougher Competition, lower fares

As of January 1, 2015 the obligatory across-the-board 0,9% additional premiums will be discontinued. Social health insurance companies are free to decide whether and at what percentage they will charge additional premiums. Our survey reveals: Communication officers expect this to lead to a stronger competitive focus on rates. MORE

ergo wins BCP-Award

Glowing inside

It may shine brightly in green, but it is actually the Gold BCP Award. Our UBS KeyInvest App was voted "Best German language publication” in the Digital Media – Mobile – B2C category at the Best of Corporate Publishing Awards. The jury’s verdict: „The app manages to fuse the respectability of a global investment bank with the interactivity of tablet magazines."

„CEO need to manage their reputation"–                                         Interview with Prof. Dr. Torsten Oltmanns

Martin Kerscher

Martin Kerscher
Wie lassen sich scheinbar sperrige Themen eines... mehr

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ergo Kommunikation

Erstaunlich: Bei Betriebsfesten Eintritt zu... mehr

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ergo Kommunikation

Ganz so einfach ist es nicht, aber am... mehr

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